hi, i'm rochelle anne
Rochelle Anne Singh is an insightful graphic designer. Her work explores geometric and minimalistic forms with quick to read, pleasing typography choices. Her intention is to place the viewer in a relaxed yet contemplative space. As her audience interprets her work with ease, there is encouragement for ones own imaginative interpretation of it. Personal interpretation is important to Rochelle as she aims to inspire her audience to create their own meaning and relationship to her pieces.
Inspiration for the nature of her work and her love for geometry stems from the earth itself and the natural beauty in the shapes it creates.
Cheylene Sullivan
"After asking Rochelle to help us design our company logo, she was quick to provide us with a large number of unique logo variations! She went above and beyond what we'd expected! I would highly recommend her, and I know I will be contacting her again for my next design needs!"
Alexandra Nicholson
"Miss Singh is very talented and offers beautiful work for a reasonable price. I have never been more satisfied with a graphic designer. What you get with her: Great work, excellent customer service, and industry-based knowledge (so you know you are going to get top quality work."
Laurel A. Stark
"Rochelle is super quick to respond and very pleasant to deal with. I would recommend her."

Terri Huxley
"Rochelle has been amazing! She genuinely cares about her clients and is always willing to listen and throw in her own ideas too. Another asset is the speed and efficiency she works at. I swear it’s a whole other level of customer service than what I’m used to. 10/10 would recommend for all your design needs."

(some of many)
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Village Brewery
Blu Bathworks
United Way Calgary

Ancora Waterfront Dining & Patio
Papi's Seafood and Oyster Bar
The Met Bar and Grill
Cibo Trattoria

Uva Wine and Cocktail Bar
Red Card Sports Bar + Eatery
Bloc Balm
Per Se Social Corner
Ciclo Espresso
Gastronomy Gastown
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